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§1 range of applicability The following conditions apply to use the forum. By entering the forum you accept the rules! §2 domiciliary rights 1. Authorized team members of the team are entitled to impose a penalty at any time and completely freely. 2. The teams decisions do not have to justify them §3 behavior 1. Dealing with other users, including team members, must always be friendly and respectful. 2. The purpose of the forum is to create a public "market of opinions". Therefore, users should be treated in a peaceful and respectful manner without offensive hostility. 3. The opinion of every user has to be respected. 4. Every user of the forum is encouraged to make the use of this forum as pleasant as possible for other users. 5. Racist, sexist, National Socialist or otherwise offensive post and threads are to be avoided in any case. 6 External advertising in other words Advertisements for other servers, forums, team peaks etc. are strictly prohibited, unless they have been agreed with the administrator of the network beforehand. 7. If these rules are violated, authorized team members will take appropriate action. These are to be accepted. 8. Every violation of the rules has to be reported to the members of the team. 9. Due to data protection and various legal reasons, private data may under no circumstances be passed on or published via the forum. (This includes phone numbers, addresses, passwords, etc.) 10. The constant spamming of likes, dislikes, threads, etc. is not to be done. 11. Pushing or having in the form of likes and dislikes of a single user, threads and posts is prohibited. 12. The Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) of the Federal Republic of Germany applies throughout the forum. Hate speech slander etc. are reported §4 transfers  1. The copyright for your topics and contributions, insofar as they are copyright protected, basically remains with you as a user. However, by submitting a topic or contribution, you grant the provider the right to permanently hold the topic or contribution to its website. In addition, the provider has the right to delete, edit, move or close your topics and contributions.2. The aforementioned rights of use remain in the event of termination of the forum account.3. The creation of 2 or more accounts by the same person is not permitted and is prohibited by authorized team members §5 external links 1. This website contains links to third party websites ("external links"). These websites are the responsibility of the respective operators. When the external links were first linked, the provider checked the third-party content to determine whether there were any legal violations. No violations of the law were evident at the time. The provider has no influence on the current and future design and on the content of the linked pages. The setting of external links does not mean that the provider adopts the content behind the reference or link. A permanent control of the external links is not reasonable for the provider without concrete indications of legal violations. With knowledge of legal violations, however, such external links will be deleted immediately.2. It is strictly forbidden to send phishing links (, however, if knowledge of violations, such external links will be deleted (§ 202a StGB,§ 202b StGB,§ 303a StGB) §6 support 1. team reserves the right to consider and process all support requests.2. The “Support” tab (Menu → Support) of this forum is available to every player and can be used for network-related issues.3. Taking advantage of the support is not permitted and will be punished with appropriate consequences.4. Support discussions arranged by the moderator or administration should be taken into account by the user in order to clarify the matter.5. Some questions can already be answered via the “FAQ” tab (Menu → Support), it is recommended to read the “FAQ” tab before writing a support request.6. The team is available on our Ts³ server for questions regarding the InfinityHeroes Forum. IP:   §7 profile 1. A user's name / avatar or posts may not contain any pornographic, racist, offensive or other content that violates German law.2. A user's private or public messages should not contain pornographic, racist, insulting or other content that violates German law.3. Posting legally protected content is prohibited and will be punished by deleting the article. [According to the Copyright Act]. §8 postsAll posts will be closed if the question has been answered or an inactivity of 14 days has been found under the post.   §9 Additive 1. The forum rules could vary, be lifted, expanded or narrowed between the different tabs.2. All users of the forum are required to follow all rules and to report any rule violations immediately to an administrator or other authorized team members. 3. The sources used for the writing of this set of rules are as follows: Forum rules template from  
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Youtube: 300 subscriber minimum of 80 clicks on the last video regularly videos and live streams from infinityheroes server Minimum one video on your channel, in which you Introduce, for example, our server or the features of the broadcaster rank.   Twitch: minimum 40 followers 700 global views regularly videos and live streams from infinityheroes server   If you meet these requirements you can apply for the whole year.
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In this forum you can submit all suggestions and improvements for our server network. Please try to describe your idea very detailed.  Important:Before you submit your thread you need to select your label "Suggestion" or "Feedback".     want to see our progress? Have a look to our Roadmap in Trello.
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The following set of rules and regulations refer to the Minecraft-Server only. By joining the server you are accepting the following rules which were set by the InfinityHeroes sever management. By joining the InfinityHeroes Minecraft server, every user automatically accept the rules. Disregarding or violating could lead to consequences.   §1 Principles §1.1 The assignment of ranks takes place via the team and server management. The award must always be a subject of justification §1.2 The muting and banning of a user takes place via the administration and moderation. We will proceed according to the rules, that are common for us. §1.3 The abuse of rights within the team will be punished by removing the current rank of the team member or by resetting their stats.  §1.4 It is forbidden to beg for ranks or similar promotions and could be banned for „flaming“. §1.5 Each team member has full authority. If a player does not follow the instruction he has to expect consequences §1.6 No team member is obliged to justify themselves for a ban or chatmute §1.7 The evidence shall be released only after a valid application for excommunication. §1.8 Every player must behave in the chat. It is forbidden to discriminate or insult other players. advertising is forbidden on the entire network §1.9 Impersonating an official team member for example by adding rank tags is prohibited. §1.10 Any racist or sexist skin/name will be banned without hesitation. You are still able to request a release for your punishment by proving, that your skin/name has been changed.   Check via:   §2 Client Modification and Bugusing §2.1 Here is a list of all client modifications that are allowed:  • Optifine • 5Zig Mod • BAC Mod  • Replay Mod • Labymod §2.2 Here is a list of all client modifications that are not allowed: • All types of minimaps • pvplounge Client • LunarGG Client • All types of client mods such as Killaura and NoFall • Scripts • Multiple occupancy of hotkeys • Damage indicator • toggle sneak sprint • reach display • better hits • 360° Cam • Any type of client which gives you a benefit to other players §2.3 The abuse of bugs is allowed, as long as one reports the bug in form of a bug report at Abusing bugs on purpose will lead to a ban.    §3 Game Rules §3.1 Every player is responsible for his own account and for his plot on the construction server! §3.2 The building of offensive structures such as Nazi symbols is also prohibited! §3.2 Crossteaming and team controlling are not permitted. §3.3 Spawn trapping, i.e. the permanent killing of a player after spawning, is prohibited. §3.4 The use of alt accounts is allowed if the player's main account is not banned. However, it is strictly forbidden to boost stats through alt accounts!   §4 laws §4.1 Publishing any form of private Data is forbidden and could lead to a ban to protect the privacy of every player. §4.2 The proof of ban we provide 1 months. If no objection is lodged, we reserve the right to destroy the evidence §4.3 Giveaways, which were not claimed by the winner in two weeks, will not be passed to them. §4.4 Fraud in any form is prohibited and will be reported.
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