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An open letter to our community!
Started by ChrischiMc

Hello dear community,

Today I would like to contact you as the founder and admin. In the past few days there was / is a big misconception in the room that I would like to resolve here.

We don't live in easy times and unfortunately that also applies to our server.
In the past few days we have lost many team members who have become inactive due to the Corona pandemic in Europe.
As a result, many people in the team had to take on more work than previously planned. This resulted in various misunderstandings which the team as a result of their inactivity in the public teamspeak channels got called lifted off and labeled arogantly.
I strongly reject these allegations! Sure, we are not all perfect, but I will not just see with eyesight how team members who have done a lot for this server are simply labeled as such.
We very much regret that we can be there less for you, but somewhere we are still people who have not chosen this situation.

We are currently working on another update that will appear in summer 2020, here we will change a lot of our infrastructure and systems. That's exactly how we're going to do a more thorough bug fixing,
so that our games will continue to be fun for players in the near future.

Finally, I would like to say a few words about the server, infinityheroes is not here to go, infinityheroes is here to stay.
We will continue the project despite all current circumstances and make our server available to everyone. If someone decides against this despite this letter, we have full understanding for it.

I thank you for your understanding and the careful reading of this open letter.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

I also apologize for my somewhat German English, I just wanted to get rid of it.

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