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Hello everybody,
With today's blog update we give you another insight into our current development phase.
Capture the flag is one of the most popular mini-games on our server, but the last update with bug fixes and feature updates was a long time ago.
In the new Capture the flag, we will restructure the entire system and convert it to kits. The flags also have to be fought harder now, teams should no longer have it so easy to get the flag into the base. This is supposed to give tactically smarter teams an advantage for players who use the ping or clickspeed to achieve more. This update does not mean that we will throw everything overboard. The well-known game content is ...

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Hey everyone!

Happy pride month to everyone of you <3 🏳️‍🌈

In the last days we got some various updates on our server which are important for our near future.

First we finally moved our whole server on Never the less all services like Minecraft, forum and teamspeak are available like before via

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Hello dear community,

Today I would like to contact you as the founder and admin. In the past few days there was / is a big misconception in the room that I would like to resolve here.

We don't live in easy times and unfortunately that also applies to our server.
In the past few days we have lost many team members who have become inactive due to the Corona pandemic in Europe.
As a result, many people in the team had to take on more work than previously planned. This resulted in various misunderstandings which the team as a result of their inactivity in the public teamspeak channels got called lifted off and labeled arogantly.
I strongly reject these allegations! Sure, we are not all perfect, but I ...

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Dear community,

the Survival Server is the most actively played server on our Network. In this case we want to say thanks.

Out of this reason we will release today the first official update for the Survival mode. We recoded the Base system and added a couple of useful features.

The new features:

Auction/Trading House:
We included an auction house where you have the option to sell and buy items. The Auction NPC can be found at our spawn.


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Hey community,
we updated the